Finding greener pastures and greener voters

From a talk to the Green Party of Montgomery County, MD, May 14, 2005 Sam Smith - Ten years ago next month a small group of us staged a conference of third party activists that led to several other meetings culminating in this country's first Green presidential campaign in 1996 and, in suitably confused order, … Continue reading Finding greener pastures and greener voters

Rafting down America’s real mainstream

Sam Smith, 2015 - I helped to start the national Green Party some years back because I was looking for a political organization in the American mainstream with which I could feel comfortable. I wanted to get out of the Democratic Party because I thought I might become liable under the racketeering statutes. I didn't … Continue reading Rafting down America’s real mainstream

History’s hints for third parties

Originally published in the Green Horizon Quarterly Sam Smith, 2012 - Added to all the other obstacles faced by third party activists is a paucity of analytical and historical guidebooks for their struggles. The media tends to be dismissive of third parties and lacking in understanding of their contributions to American politics. While some academics … Continue reading History’s hints for third parties