Stop crying about Hillary Clinton: she was a rotten choice

Some tips for liberals to avoid more election disasters

Causes of the disaster: The media

One cause of the disaster: dissin’ the white working class

And now some better news

How to make the Clinton campaign better than it seems

What this election is really about

How we got into our mess

Dealing with our mess

Why breaking the glass ceiling doesn’t work better

Don’t laugh, folks. Trump is real

Why I’m voting for Clinton anyway

When conventions were fun

Handling the Trump macho hustle

Some Trump questions

Election damage control

Getting ready for America’s worst presidential election

Some notes for Bernie backers

What the Bible says about Ted Cruz

How we got into this mess

Why the Democratic establishment should dump Clinton

The GOP uncivil war

The Trump-Clinton problem

The Democrats’ denials

Trump and fascism

What if we stop over-personalizing politics?


Why is Hillary Clinton in so much trouble?

Hillary Clinton: Thriving in the gap between criminal law and political integrity

The story the media won’t cover

Ignored Clinton stories

The making of Bill Clinton


Let’s amend the Senate

Real filibusters


The crime behind hope and change


The corruption of corruption

Why you shouldn’t vote for a corporate executive

Getting conscience back into politics

How corruption has changed

How to bribe a politician without anyone noticing

When wrong becomes the norm

When bribery is called free speech

What’s a bribe?

The nature of truth


Facing the quarter century Democratic Party disaster

The secret they won’t tell you

Retrieving the Democrats’ reason for existence


The virtues of decentralizing government

Building little republics in a collapsing empire

Local democracy as well as local lettuce

Crossover politics & the idology of scale

The issue that’s killing the left


Voting in the Mafia neighborhood called America

Judging political promises and records

How elections have been rigged

How Mad Men control our politics

Post-First American Republic update
There’s no business like show business (excpt news business)
America becoming a corporate colony
Dismantling the Democrats
Elite emigration
Top rot
Blowin’ in the winds of change
The media: from watchdog to pet dog
The gradocracy
Drifting toward dictatorship
Obama and the American oligarchy
Notes from a lousy time


A moment when America’s ethnic politics was different

Why being first may not be much

Leading the majority: how minorities change America

Barack Obama: The first what?

A Cooperative Commonwealth

Pickups for Dean


Trump and fascism

The road to fascism gets shorter

The F-word we’re still afraid to use

Clues your country may be turning into a fascist state

Learning from Orwell & Mussolini

Giuliani, Jews, art & fascism


America’s biggest criminals

Addiction to flawed systems outside of Washington

Whistleblowing in the winds of Washington

Lies of our times: You solve problems with new cabinet departments


A word from the Green Party’s Big Mac Caucus

Why it’s easy being Green

Growing backyard Greens

Liberals and Greens

Rafting down the real mainstream


Obamacare: the good, the bad, the unpredictable & the dangerously unknown


Why we need history

Letter to Thomas Jefferson


Factories of fame

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Vanna White

How television turned off politics

The politics of symbols


What liberals have ignored for decades

The issue liberals should dump

The Texas liberal

Confrontation without cure

What real liberalism was like

No one left but us

Why liberalism collapsed

The death of liberalism and what to do about it

How to tell a progressive from a liberal

How to tell if you’re still a liberal

Talking about politics

Liberals standing in the way of change

The rise of liberal elite and the collapse of the republic

My years as a liberal . . . and how I got fired

Indentured liberals & independent progressives

Life among the liberal fundamentalists

Passive aggressive liberalism

The rise of the liberal aristocracy

Prigs in the lunchroom

Liberalism is dead, time to move on


How television turned off politics


Fox News and Karl Rove aren’t the real problem; it’s the extremist middle

Moderate extremism

Obama and the rise of the oligarchy

Enjoy Obama while you can
The secret they won’t tell you
Obama’s hat trick of failures
Obama’s 17 parking tickets


What a populist rebellion might look like

The real meaning of populism


How to jump start a progressive movement

it’s Bernie time. Enloy it.

Things progressives can do

What life would be like without progressive politics


How some signs might change our politics


There is a religious test for high office and here it is


The uncivil war continues

The second confederacy

The GOP secedes from history and progress instead of the union


A brief guide to avoiding socialism


The Civil War (Cont’d)

Dealing with the Confederate flag

The uncivil war that continues


The non political side of politics

Bringing politics home

Washington moves from wreong to crazy

A non political reason we don’t like politics

The dysfunctional family called America

Homo prevaricatus

Foodies as a substitute for democracy

Why you shouldn’t vote for a corporate executive

Dealing with myth

Music & politics: The sound of change

The quiet storm: Blowing in the wind of cultural decay

The politics of ethnicity, gender and zip codes

The war of the terrified

Bipolar politics

A sinner’s view of born again politics

A thinker’s guide to conspiracy theories

The right to be jerks

The party’s over

A few things to do

On the care and feeding of theories

The dysfunction beat

America’s most dangerous extremists: the muddled, myopic, miasmic middle

Building little republics in a collapsing empire

Is this what libertarianism leads to?

Getting through the bad times

Washington: Where smart people go to do stupid things

Living in political madness

What a populist rebellion might look like


Ted Kennedy: The last respectable liberal

The ghosts on the platform

Bringing politics home

On gadflies

Can we bail out of narcissism

Politics in the time of myth


What populism is really about

instant populism


How to tell liberals and progressives apart

What the hell do we do now?

How to jump start the progressivement

What life would be like without progressive politics


McCain is a mugwump, not a maverick

Ted Cruz: Another member of the gradocracy

The GOP’s uncivil war

Of ghost dances and the young

Our Reagan file

How to tell radical Muslims from radical Republicans

The Republican confederacy


There is a religious test for high office and here it is


History’s hints for third parties

Third parties and presidential elections



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