American notes

Rediscovering the good

Whatever happened to our leaders not in politics, media, entertainment or corporations?

What we can learn from dysfunctional families

A historian’s notes on now

New York and Montana

Notes on the end of the First American Republic

Our culture of impunity

My bi-polar week

Rebuilding America: Some notes

America’s increasing proto-ISIS behavior

Post empire survival guide

An alternative 9/11 report

Football and the rise of the American empire

The real World War III: Corporations vs. nationhood

Normalizing failure

The war that never ended

America the vulnerable

The war of the terrified

The silent war

Freedom as a local option

Sex, war and the Ivy League

A surfeit of prigs

Running out of change: why it’s so hard to do things

Psalm of the fast lane

Confessions of a vision impaired stakeholder with dubious managment practices embarking on an ill-defined mission

Eternal fundamentals of leadership (Rev. 8/14/11)

What’s new with me

Losing time, losing space

Derivative America

America 2.0

The culture of conspiracies

An apology to younger Americans

Nothing but usefulness

The autistic confederacy

Just words about just words

The end of treason

The nature of truth

What’s a humanities?

End of empire

Living with the American family

Bad times

Getting through the bad times

America’s silent collapse

The collapse of conscience and concern

Living in a dysfunctional family called America

Things to do in a lousy time

Building little republics in a collapsing empire

The quiet storm

Recovering the decent

Notes from a lousy time

Blowing in the winds of cultural decay

Global dumbing: the politics of entropy


Where is the counterculture when we need it?

Change the culture & politics will follow

Getting the counterculture out of the closet

Brain drain: The hazards of grad school politics


Factories of fame

Elite emmigration

Fighting the dysestablishment

Ted Cruz: Another member of the gradocracy

In technocracy we trust

Why Washington doesn’t work and what to do about it


The end of politics

Living in political madness

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