Peace and war


The little green men

Mission creep

Why is the military sacred?


Can we admit that we’ve failed in the Mid East and start to move on?

Backing off of hate

Eight hours in a basement for peace

The role of respect in peace

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Towards a more perfect union

September 12, 2001

Final thoughts

Follow the limousines


Learning Vietnam


How war hurts the economy

Why I remember World War One

The rise of boutique warfare

The war of the terrified

The good news about war

War as office politics

War and peace: Some principles

A speech CSPAN didn’t like

Time warp

The abolition of war

All war all the time

A speech CSPAN didn’t like

The war on terror: Misnamed, misfought, misthought

America in the twilight

The biggest threat to us: ouselves

The west side of the Capitol

War of the terrified

How we lost the war on terror

The Bush codicil

The war on terror before 9/11

What Dien Bien Phu could have taught us


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