Peace and war


The little green men

Mission creep

Why is the military sacred?


Backing off of hate

Eight hours in a basement for peace

The role of respect in peace

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Towards a more perfect union

September 12, 2001

Final thoughts

Follow the limousines


How war hurts the economy

Why I remember World War One

The rise of boutique warfare

The war of the terrified

The good news about war

War as office politics

War and peace: Some principles

A speech CSPAN didn’t like

Time warp

The abolition of war

All war all the time

A speech CSPAN didn’t like

The war on terror: Misnamed, misfought, misthought

America in the twilight

The biggest threat to us: ouselves

The west side of the Capitol

War of the terrified

How we lost the war on terror

The Bush codicil

The war on terror before 9/11

What Dien Bien Phu could have taught us

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