The media’s unintended contribution to racism

The media’s obsession with bad news

When television took over politics

Of superheroes and super media

Dealing with the banality of political evil

My times with Bill O’Reilly

Rest in peace, Radio Shack

How the media could rediscover journalism

Filler items for young journalists

The Washington Post’s argument for the end of democracy

Things we hadn’t started worrying about yet: self plagiarism

The Senate’s war on freedom of the press

Ex Post, factos

Confessions of a former British journalist

Journalism: What good old days?

Dana Milbank

Holiday news

How television turned off politics

Essays on the media

On journalism

15 years on the web

Fifty years of journalism

USA Tomorrow

Why journalism isn’t a profession

When journalism went bad

The media’s anti left bias

The journalist’s job

Stupid journalist tricks

The conspiracy theory card

How newspapers can save themselves

Flogging the blogs

A journalist’s checklist

Telling the story

Where’s the news gone?

A few thoughts on journalism

Digital deficit disorder

Words and cruelty

The Post Office pays a visit

Letter to Donald Graham

More media essays


How television turned off politics

Switching channels


Talk radio the way its’ supposed to be

Morning sickness

WHRB: Unofficial sounds of Harvard in the 1950s


Helen Thomas

Punishing Don Imus

Smackdown with Bill O’Reilly

Dave Barry comes to town

A mathematical analysis of Bill O’Reilly

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