Black statistics
Black links


The diversity of diversity

Positive ethnic theory

Moving from anti-racism to pro-multiculturalism

The story Spike Lee didn’t tell

The underrated secret for minorities: lead the majority

Of anger, analysis and action

The strange new prejudice of some liberals

Civil rights: Substance and symbols

Ethnic relations: Beyond law and virtue

Our hidden asset; muti-culturalism

EEOC gets in over its head

About CPT

Defining ethnicity

Avoiding the Dolezal story

Marion Barry, Ronald Reagan and the rise and fall of black power

The Bruce Levenson case: The color of skin vs. the skin in the game

The Sterling case and the Green Bay Packers

Leading the majority: how minorities change America

Getting along with other Americans who aren’t quite like you

Barack Obama: The first what?

How to get along with other Americans

The other side of Memphis

Making cities black and poor

Intergration of Glen Echo Amusement Park

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