Why you shouldn’t vote for a corporate executive

Sam Smith – There is a widespread myth that corporate executives are exquisitely prepared to run other things, like community organizations, states or our nation.  This is a myth broadly enabled by large corporate media but it makes little sense. Here’s why:

Corporate executives can fire people, move them to new jobs, promote or demote them. You can’t do that with citizens

Corporate executives improve their budgets by underpaying employees. You don’t want government policies that leave citizens underpaid.

Corporations raise a lot of their money making and selling things that people don’t really need. According to the Wall Street Journal, a Commerce Department estimate in 2011 found that U.S. consumers spent an annualized $1.2 trillion on non-essential stuff. You don’t want people in government or non-profits doing that.

Because they are corporate executives they don’t have to do much compromising or listening to ordinary people, required skills for those in government and community organizations.

A surprising number of them are depending on the government for a good deal of their money such as in the case of public utilities and the defense industry.

Because of marketing and advertising, these executives spend a lot of time figuring out how to fool people. This is not a qualification citizens should admire.

There are some good corporate executives but not because of their job. In short, don’t hire a CEO for a public job unless you’re sure they’re a lot better than their previous employment required.

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