False faith and lousy works

Sam Smith,2005 - One of the thing that happened in recent election was that the Republicans' false faith trumped the Democrats' lousy works. Since the former used imagination for evidence while the latter relied on TV news, the odds inevitably favored the former. But both sides were lying. After all, what sort of moral values considers … Continue reading False faith and lousy works

The real issue behind gay marriage

  Sam Smith – The gay marriage case before the Supreme Court is not really about gay marriage as much as it is about something that isn’t being talked about much: freedom of religion. The Constitution calls upon the government to make no law "respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". … Continue reading The real issue behind gay marriage

At last, a cool Pope

Sam Smith The Catholic Church, like the United States, is a vast territory in which good and evil live comfortably and both claim possession. But just as neither Ted Cruz nor Bernie Sanders sufficiently defines America, so does neither the church’s discrimination against women nor its liberation theology. Such conflicts make many uncomfortable especially in … Continue reading At last, a cool Pope

Romney: From lying for the Lord to lying for the presidency

Sam Smith All my life I’ve covered politicians who lie. In different ways. Richard Nixon looked like he was lying when he said “Good morning.” Joe McCarthy lied to destroy people. George Bush lied to invade Iraq. Bill Clinton lied when his back was against the wall. Barack Obama lies like a Harvard lawyer. In … Continue reading Romney: From lying for the Lord to lying for the presidency

The censorship of religion’s real role in politics

Sam Smith The clearest indication that we have not adequately separated religion and state is that we are not supposed to talk about the former during a political campaign. This allows the two to become surreptitiously blended and for us, during what is supposed to be a secular activity, to support or oppose issues whose … Continue reading The censorship of religion’s real role in politics