The death of liberalism and what to do about it

Sam Smith, 2011 As I was listening recently to a Bob Edwards interview with Kirsten Downey, biographer of the New Deal labor secretary, Frances Perkins, it struck me that the first woman ever to hold cabinet office in American history had played a key role in getting more accomplished than the last three decades of … Continue reading The death of liberalism and what to do about it


Sam Smith, 2010 Liberalism is dead. It started going into its final throes when liberals jumped aboard the Clinton campaign, claiming that the toy boy of the Democratic Abandonship Council was really a one of them. Later on, even the anti-worker and anti-environmental trade deals, the assault on welfare, and the deep corruption didn't dissuade … Continue reading LIBERALISM IS DEAD. TIME TO MOVE ON

Why liberals misread Obama

Sam Smith, Progressive Review, 2009 - During the campaign the Review pointed out a number of uncomfortable facts about Barack Obama, including that he: Aggressively opposed impeachment action against Bush Had argued that conservatives and Bill Clinton were right to destroy social welfare, Supported making it harder to file class action suits in state courts … Continue reading Why liberals misread Obama

Indentured liberals & independent progressives

Sam Smith, 2009 Barack Obama didn't kill liberalism; he's just doing a nice job of burying it. The end of liberalism as a meaningful ideology came with the nomination of Bill Clinton. The argument was - although hardly phrased so accurately - that it was far better for liberals to dump their policies and become … Continue reading Indentured liberals & independent progressives

Life among the liberal fundamentalists

Sam Smiith, 1991 - About a half dozen years ago, I started hanging out with traditional liberals again. It wasn't that my views had changed, but I had become fascinated with a conundrum of left-of-center politics. The old liberals, and their natural allies such as the large labor unions, had the power, visibility and ground … Continue reading Life among the liberal fundamentalists