Bringing law and order to the community

 From our overstocked archives Sam Smith, 1975 - We are staggering under the budgetary load created by the great expansion of the police, courts and prisons in recent years. We are not only paying a high price but we are getting little more with our money than we had before. The conventional wisdom is that … Continue reading Bringing law and order to the community

The virtues of decentralizing government

Sam Smith One significant reason liberals don’t do better these days is because they’ve turned their backs on the sensible decentralization of government. They have forgotten the devolutionary principles of the 1960s leftists or the fact that many of their favorite issues - such matters as the environment, smoking laws, marijuana, Real ID and gay … Continue reading The virtues of decentralizing government

The issue that’s killing the left

Sam Smith 2010 Rasmussen Reports has come out with a fascinating poll that goes a long way towards explaining why not only liberals are doing so badly, but the left in general, the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. Here's what the poll found: - Forty-three percent of U.S. voters rate the performance of their local … Continue reading The issue that’s killing the left

Cross over politics and the ideology of scale

Sam Smith In an age of conglomeration and domination, the cross-political nature of devolution - or the ideology of scale - attracts little attention. One can go through a whole political campaign and never consider it. But that doesn't mean the issue is not there. Consider two current examples: the assault on local control of … Continue reading Cross over politics and the ideology of scale