The militarization of American life

From the March 1996 issue of the Progressive Review MILITARY PERSONNEL BEING USED TO SPY ON PROTESTERS IN THE NATION'S CAPITAL [IMC] Sam Smith - The nomination of General Barry McCaffrey as drug czar symbolizes the nation's dramatic retreat from the principle of separation of military and civilian power. It further demonstrates the degree to … Continue reading The militarization of American life

The DC police riot of May 1971

Sam Smith, 1971 - The nicer, smarter, more sensitive DC police department of Jerry Wilson concealed a dangerous fact: it posed a far more serious threat to the freedom of the city's residents than had the force that preceded it, For as the department's size, skill, and technology expanded, so did its potential for political … Continue reading The DC police riot of May 1971

The other side of Memphis: Mississippi in 1965

One month before the Selma march, your editor, then 27, went to Jackson, Mississippi, to cover the hearings of the US Commission of Civil Rights, inspired by letters we had published in the Idler (forerunner of the Progressive Review) the previous summer from Grenville Whitman, a participant in the Freedom Summer. Sam Smith 1965 And … Continue reading The other side of Memphis: Mississippi in 1965