Maine links

 Maine Almanac Why Maine matters ACTION Occupy MaineChanging Maine AGRICULTURE Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners  Maine Farmland TrustPortland Food CoopSlow Food Portland  ALTERNATIVE MEDIA Maine Beacon   ALTERNATIVE SEX  EqualityMaine  ARTS Maine International Film Festival  CIVIL RIGHTS & JUSTICE ACLU of Maine Immigrant Legal Advocacy ProjectMaine Equal JusticeMidcoast Restorative Justice NAACPResorative Justice Institute COASTAL Save Our Shores   COOPERATIVES Cooperative … Continue reading Maine links

How to pay for Biden’s public works

 As President Biden prepares to launch of multi trillion dollar public works project – aka by the liberal gradocracy as “infrastructure” – the question arises: where will the money come from? Your editor addressed this in his 1997 book, The Great American Political Repair Manuel. A few excerpts:  The national debt is really not the … Continue reading How to pay for Biden’s public works

Making multiculturalism an asset and not just a problem

Sam Smith – Drastically missing from our talk about ethnic relationships is discussion about positive ethnic relations. We treat the matter as a huge problem to be solved by things like changes in law, improved policing, social guilt and pressure. In fact, good relations exist because they work for all those involved. You can’t define … Continue reading Making multiculturalism an asset and not just a problem