An early terrorist suspect

EDITOR DETAINED AT AIRPORT 1998 – The Progressive Review”s editor, Sam Smith, was detained at Washington National Airport for a half hour on Wednesday Nov. 4 as five US Airways security officials, 3 police officers, and one bomb-sniffing dog attempted to determine if he was, as they suspected, a terrorist. Total evidence for the suspicion … Continue reading An early terrorist suspect

Media essays

The conspiracy theory card The other day, Politico ran a typically sneering article about the Bilderberg Group. As usual, anyone who shows the slightest interest in the hyper secret meeting of some of the most powerful people in the world is a “conspiracy theorist.” This is smug, childish, mindless establishment journalism at its worst. By … Continue reading Media essays

Finding greener pastures and greener voters

From a talk to the Green Party of Montgomery County, MD, May 14, 2005 Sam Smith – Ten years ago next month a small group of us staged a conference of third party activists that led to several other meetings culminating in this country’s first Green presidential campaign in 1996 and, in suitably confused order, … Continue reading Finding greener pastures and greener voters