Tops by Topic

 A select list of well received essays by topic.


Becoming and being an activist

American notes
America in the twilight


April 4, 1968

Saving the city from itself

The case for urban statehood

Why smart growth isn’t as smart as it thinks it is

Democracy and its threats

Learning from Orwell & Mussolini

Before the drug war


Back to school: Memoirs of a parent association president

Let ’em play

Graduation speech

School “reform” is about class, not classrooms

Is the Gates Foundation involved in bribery?

The road to literacy is paved with words, not tests


Leading the majority: how minorities change America

Integration of Glen Echo Amusement Park

 Growing up part Jewish

Flotsam & Jetsam

My competitive dysfunction

Foreign affairs

How to tell if you have won

Iatrogenic security threats

What Dien Bien Phu could have taught us

Mid East

Time to stop being afraid of Israel

Mid East paradigms

Mid East exploratory hypothesis

Preserving a Jewish state or a Jewish soul


Dealing with myths

The existential threat to existentialism


How to stay free

Backing off of hate

The militarization of civilian America


Bringing democracy to the ‘hood

The local could save us

Local democracy as well as local lettuce


Confessions of a former British journalist

Journalism: What good old days?

How television turned off politics

Smackdown with Bill O’Reilly

Fifty years of journalism

USA Tomorrow

Why journalism isn’t a profession

The conspiracy theory card

Flogging the blogs

Stupid journalist tricks


Learning democracy is just as important as learning math

How Mad Men control our politics

Things progressives can do

America becoming a corporate colony

The secret they won’t tell you

Arkansas Connections


Our most notorious party

2 thoughts on “Tops by Topic

  1. Some of the essays are all hyperlinked together and regardless of which you select the same one keeps opening, such as those under Activism. Would you please check them all and decouple. I would really like to read Mr. Smith’s essays.

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