Where are the good folk?

Sam Smith – In trying to figure out all the things that are making me feel sad, angry and futile these days I have increasingly realized that it involves something much larger than getting rid of Trump, DeSantis and their groupies. Progress requires more than just hating and fighting the bad guys. It also involves vibrant, healthy alternatives.

In part because the media is obsessed with negatives, positive alternatives don’t get much attention these days. But it is also true that the progressive movement is not pushing for a clear  different way of doing things.

One reason for this has been the rise of identity politics that has provided fewer coalitions and common causes. Where do gays stand on abortion? Where do women stand on economic  issues? Where do latinos stand on environmental matters?

One way to start to change this would be to have quarterly or annual meetings of national and local progressive leaders representing different identities. They could come up with common positions clear enough that even the media might understand, not to mention increasing those involved in the issues.

It would also help if progressive groups got involved in causes that reflected something more than identity. For example, what if women’s groups also supported anti-poverty efforts, alternative gender groups backed civil rights, or black and latino groups helped mixed ethnic unionization?

Such blending of efforts would improve definitions of the progressive cause and perhaps even interrupt the media’s obsession with Trump.