What to do if the Republicans win on Tuesday

Sam Smith – If the Republicans win on Tuesday there’s a big chance of massive numbers of sensible Americans going into depression, withdrawing from politics or replacing their positive goals with just anger.

But there’s another more useful approach: to use our time to work to restore American democracy, to illustrate what a kinder, wiser and more decent community looks like, and to use our power as victims of cruel capitalism to strike back at those who are funding evil.
For example, I came across a list of twenty corporations that support Republicans, The list included some prominent firms such as Taco Bell, Wendys, Wonder Bread, Applebees, Home Depot, AT&T, Target and Pizza Hut. At a state level, just as an example, Arizona Republicans get funding from PetSmart and Circle K.

A boycott by decent Americans of such firms could clearly be felt in a major way.
Another approach would be to think of yourself as an American who, while alienated from your national government is also part of a state and a community. Many of these will still maintain traditional democratic values and need to be supported with energy and affection despite what is going on at the national level. Bear in mind that fantasy and lying America is far more prevalent as a federal phenomenon. At the state and local level reality still frequently survives.

It would also be greatly helpful if the various pieces of democratic America learned to work together once more. One of the unintended problems with contemporary identity politics is that it has created a generation of activists with little experience of working with those who don’t look or act like them. And if people like you only represent, say,16% of the population, you definitely need to make friends among others.

These are just a few examples of how we should start thinking if this election is a disaster. After all, our causes have always been there, it just may just take us a bit longer to achieve them.