The GOP war on America: The worst domestic attack on democracy in our history

Sam Smith – Although the Civil War was far more deadly than the current right-wing assault on America, it also was an act of succession by the South and not an attempted takeover of the rest of America. What is happening now is an unprecedented  violent insurrection against the whole nation by a variety of right wing forces including segregationists, corporatists, anti-women activists and numerous elected Republican officials. The media has failed to point out the historic significance of this, treating it as just more extreme politics when it actually is a critical and perhaps fatal first.

For example, the January 6 attack on the Capitol was the closest any enemy of democracy has come to physically taking over part of our government and the assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband was actually an attempted attack on the Speaker of the House who is second in line behind the presidency. And the efforts to rig state and local elections, along with scaring voters add to the uniqueness of this war on America.

As AP reports:

Armed watchers are staking out ballot drop boxes in Arizona to guard against false conspiracies about voter fraud. Threats against members of Congress have risen to historic levels. …Former President Donald Trump continues to deny that he lost the 2020 election to President Joe Biden, and his acolytes are attempting to consolidate their power over future elections.

The failure of right wing Republicans, beginning with Trump, to speak out against the assaults makes them partners in spirit in the battle against American constitutional democracy.

This is not just bad news; it’s an unprecedented, violent and lawless attack on much of what America has traditionally stood for.