Some 80s thoughts

 Sam Smith – As I have noted before, being in your 80s is like being a teenager. You don’t know how to do it, nobody tells you how to do it, and nobody likes how you do it. We have become an increasingly  irrelevant part of the American story.

The statistics, however, tell another tale. In fact, Americans 65 or over have increased by 12 million or 33% just since 2006. The under 65 population has increased only 5%. There were 3.1 million Americans in 1900 65 or over. Today there are 95 million. Meanwhile, 63% of men 65 or older were employed in 1900. It’s now down under 25%,

Part of this is due to the fact that we have more than enough people to get our work done and this has come to favor the younger amongst us. The seniors are considered more as problems than assets. 

It may be time for older Americans to recognize themselves not just as a economic and social problem but as a political force that needs to organize better. To become like a labor union for senior citizens. After all, those of us over 80 represent 15% of the population.  That’s three percentage points over the size of the black constituency. If we did, people might discover that old lives matter as well.