The environmental problem we put aside: us

Sam Smith, Progressive Review: – A big environmental factor that we and the experts don’t talk about much is us. Both in terms of population growth and growing life expectancy it clearly is a factor but you don’t read much about it. I’m part of the latter problem having grown older than three generations of males in my family, save one grandfather, In my defense, we old dudes interfere with the environment far less than the young but it is still true that global life expectancy has doubled in the past century and half. It took 123 years for Earth to go from 1 billion to 2 billion people. The gap has progressively narrowed, to just over a decade to reach the next billion.

I suspect that the failure to talk more about population and the environment is due to a number of factors such as not wanting to get into arguments over birth control, not telling women what to do, not challenging high growth but low income countries, and not appearing to disrespect the aging. But facts are facts and population is clearly more of a factor than either environmentalists or media have indicated. Here is just some of the story