Some ways to stop the GOP attack on democracy

Sam Smith – The rise in Trumpism is due I no small part to changes that have occurred in the Democratic Party and liberal polilcies in recent decades. Here are a few changes that could be made before the 2022 elections:

Stop attacking whites. There are more whites in poverty than there are blacks in total. Attacking “white privilege” is a lousy way t appear to lower class whites who voted for Trump.

Have programs for the future rather than rehashing evils of the past. A large number of Trump states are former members of the Confederacy. Getting into arguments over slavery is a lousy way to move these states forward.

Speak United States: As liberals have become better educated their language has increasingly become that of grad students rather than ordinary Americans. To the average citizen, “repairing bridges” makes a lot more sense that “improving infrastructure.”

Explain what you’re doing. One of the reasons the Build Back Better bill didn’t make it was because most Americans didn’t know what was in it. Not only should the major benefits have been much clearer, the White House should have released data on how it would have affected each state.

Organize lower and middle class voters. One reason we’re in the current mess is because the major decline of labor unions, which educated workers as well as organizing them. This, combined with the liberal disinterest in lower class voters, opened these voters to Trump lies. One way to deal with this problem: create a multiethnic group dedicated to organizing working class voters. It could be modeled a bit on the AARP, perhaps called the American Alliance of Working People.

Give more emphasis to rural issues: The actual size of the rural population has made it easy for liberal leaders to ignore, but thanks to distortions caused by the electoral college and district manipulation,it has more power than it seems to many.One way to deal with this is to have strong rural programs,

Emphasize the local. thanks to a media that seems to think the only national news that matters comes from Washington, local and regional issues get ignore. The White House could challenge this by having annual or sermi-annual meeting in DC of governors and mayors. Their proximity to the Washington media would substantially change the coverage level.