The neo-segregationism of Trump

Sam Smith  – While Donald Trump hasn’t called for Muslims to drink at separate fountains nor for gays to sit in the back of the bus, there is no doubt that he and his administration is already engaged in something that can be fairly called neo-segregation. For example, a key part of segregation was to ban blacks from going places or doing things. The word “ban” is back in force.


Segregation has been defined as “the action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things or being set apart.” This is precisely what Trump et al want to do to women, gays, blacks, Muslims and others. It is phrased in a more dignified manner than used by southern predecessors and its consequences do not include lynching but as one who covered the civil rights movement I can say that no amount of obfuscation can hide Jefferson Sessions’ real heart is and to me it is painfully familiar.

We have been taught as a society to believe the manipulation of words as equating actual meaning or action. In fact, increasingly it is simply lies dressed in fancy wear.

I would suggest that the media start using the phrase “neo-segregation” to describe Trump’s discriminatory actions and not to cover up their intent by pretending they are just another political position.  And others can help the media move towards truth by using the phrase as well.

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