Trump is only the leader of this disaster

Sam Smith  – It is good to keep in mind that Donald Trump is only the leader of this disaster. What he is leading is the most reactionary and prejudiced party since the days of the Dixiecrats. Consider the times that Jeff Sessions has undermined black progress in his state, or Mike Pence has attacked – in the name of fake Christianity – gays and lesbians, or Paul Ryan has twisted the House towards policies that only aid the most wealthy in the country and it is a reminder that our problem is not just Trump but the Republican Party.

The party now belongs in the category not only of the pre-civil rights southern Democrats but of the mid 19th Century Native American Party – later the American Party and nicknamed the Know Nothings – with its vehemently anti-immigrants policies.

The media in particular needs to avoid giving credence to the new Know Nothing Party in the false name of objectivity, but to recognize it for what it is: a civil war against the bulk of America and its historic and constitutional values.

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