Infrequently asked questions: Why are Trump & Clinton running?

 Sam Smith – One of my problems is that I can’t figure out why Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are running for president. After all, they are already in the top one-hundredth of one percent of power in the world. This is power that could easily be maintained totally free of FBI investigations of their emails or public ridicule of their speech manner and bankruptcies. Further, they both have numerous tales from the past that running for president could expose and, at the very least, diminish their standing.

Of course the obvious answer is ambition, but ambition is meant to improve your status and there seems little way that Clinton and Trump will emerge from this campaign better regarded than they are right now. Not to mention the fact that they each stand a good chance of seriously damaging the reputation of the parties they represent, something the parties’ members will not appreciate.

Maybe there are some psychotherapists out there who can help me with this. Are Clinton and Trump not afraid at all of being remembered as having wrecked their parties? Does the risk in having their past exposed not put some limits on their egomania?

If I had gotten away with as much as this pair has, I would celebrate my success at some grandiose retreat rather than rising early on Sundays to answer Chuck Todd’s questions.

What am I missing?


4 thoughts on “Infrequently asked questions: Why are Trump & Clinton running?

  1. I think the answer is simple entitlement. Both of them feel that the Presidency is a prize that they deserve, a bauble to won and displayed.

    • It’s stems from the truth of Lord Acton’s statement: ” Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Both are wholly corrupted. Each needs to validate their inner rottenness.

  2. It stems from the truth in Lord Acton’s observation: “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Both Hillary and the Donald are already absolutely corrupt; each seeks the absolute pinnacle of power to prove it.

  3. Trump wants to be paid not to run – and Hillary just wants her “due” from not winning to run against Obama. If I have to vote for Hillary (to be against Trump) I hope to hell there is a movement to keep her from going nuts and starting more wars – AND maybe fulfilling some platform promises of Bernie Sanders followers. What does she want to do? It’s unclear. Besides be Queen…I just don’t see any clear goals.

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