The real race in this campaign

Sam Smith – The corporate media would have us believe that this election is a celebrity contest. In fact, it is a struggle between what remains of a constitutional republic and a potential level of destruction we haven’t seen since the South seceded.

The Republicans offer us a choice between a dictatorial buffoon, the compulsively incompetent, blasphemers of true Christianity, a governor so mean he won’t even pay his own security guards the proper wage, and the dumbest son of a family that has already cursed this land for far too long.

If one of them wins, the victor will likely be able to appoint four Supreme Court justices to replace those currently in their 70s and 80s, which would allow that body to extend the damage it did to our electoral system to other matters including the rights of women, blacks and gays, criminal justice and the environment.

If one of them wins, a Republican president will decide whether to sign off on the bizarre and damaging legislation passed by what looks as if it will be a GOP Congress.

Or consider that earlier this year Bernie Sanders was reported by Politics USA to have “sent letters to the governors of all 50 states that broke down the cuts and job losses that each state would face if the Republican budget is enacted. The low light of the letters is that the Republican cuts to transportation, education, and other programs would kill more than 2.3 million jobs across the country.”

Or consider how many people would die as a result of Republican cuts to food stamps, social services, and healthcare programs.

Further, as a dismal hobby, I have been collecting the names of organizations, groups and other things that Republicans have attacked. Here are some of their targets:

9/11 responders, AARP, Americorps, bicyclists and bikes, black men, the census, children with pre-existing health conditions, college graduates, college students, consumers, cops, disabled people, disaster victims, earthquake warnings, employed women, EPA, ethnically mixed couples, federal courts, Federal Reserve Board, fire fighters, food stamp recipients, gays, home owners, ill people who need medical marijuana, immigrants and their children, public workers, residents of DC-Guam-Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands, Sandy storm victims, scientists, separation of church and state, Social Security recipients, state workers, teachers, unemployed workers, United Nations, wildlife and women.

In short, they hate all but themselves.

In such a circumstance even one as untrustworthy as Hillary Clinton looks better, not on the basis of compensating virtues, but simply because a Democrat is less likely to do the sort of pathological damage the Republican Party has committed itself too.

This is the key point that is easy to miss in today’s media environment. We are choosing our political battlefield, not just a candidate.

A recent Survey USA poll helps in this regard, because it neatly defines the cultural civil war we are in. For example, in a race between Trump and Clinton, Biden or Sanders, men would support Trump by a margin of 8 to 15 points. Voters 35 to 49 would do so by a margin of 9-12 points and those 65 and over by a margin of 7-18 points.

Whites, meanwhile, favor Trump over the Democrats by 14 to 17 points.

On other side of the culture war, blacks favor the Democrats by 33 to 40 points and latinos do so by 15 to 26.

Those under 35 favor the Democrats by 15-19 points.

Women are the weakest presumed progressives in the tally, giving Clinton and Biden only a 5 point lead and Sanders one point.

What we can learn from this is, for example, that if you want black lives to matter, then black votes must do so also. But since blacks only make up about an eighth of the population then their votes have to be in tandem with others including latinos and the young. And they have to show up at the polls.

One of the quickest ways to change the tone of this election would be for an open and structured alliance of the young, blacks, latinos and labor. The purpose of this alliance would not be to elect a specific Democrat but to declare common war against the Republican Party, its lies, its failures and its stupidity and cruelty.

Bernie Sanders has done a great job of bringing out economic issues that the Democratic establishment has buried for several decades but even if he is not the candidate, even if Biden and Clinton sell out to Wall Street and Sanders likes drones, if they are the nominee it is not just about them; it is about the pain, misery and tragedy of the alternative. Politics is not an evangelical religion. It is not about displaying your personal virtue; it is about coming up with the best answer given the rotten realities we face. And in this election, one of these answers will be to save what’s left of the republic from the Republican Party


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