Judging political promises and records

Sam Smith – While many politicians have always been dishonest, our advertising and propaganda driven society has created a whole new culture of political deception in which the mass media willing participates. In fact, the media is far more interested in what politicians say than in what they actually do. Thus we live in a time when the leading candidate for president is considered untrustworthy by a majority of voters but it doesn’t seem to matter.

There are, in fact, a number of problems. One is that to vote for a promise is likely to produce not much more than a promise. Another is, as the Review pointed out when Obama was first running for the White House, is that promises obscure that actual record of a candidate. It was clear by Obama’s actions and the people with whome he worked with that he was going to be far more conservative than liberals thought. But it was hard to even get the issue on the table, because these days one votes for symbols and not reality.

For Hillary Clinton to launch her campaign as a progressive makes no logical sense. For example, her comments against Citizens United are wonderful if one merely accepts her words. But if one looks at where she has gotten her money over recent years it is absurd.

Basically, one is being asked to choose  promises over record. Clinton, of course, is not alone. We live in a time of political evangelism, in which politicians are converted not by the word of God but by the results of polls.

We accept what they say as gospel truth.

And pay the price for it later.

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