I’m confused

Sam Smith – If beheadings are what have us so upset, why aren’t we bombing Saudi Arabia?

If the killing of innocent Americans is what has us so upset, why aren’t we bombing Ferguson, Missouri?

If the largest military force in the world is so afraid of ten to thirty thousand rebels, why are we so aggressive towards the Russians?

Why we have we done virtually nothing in over a decade to make Mid Eastern moderates feel better about us?

Why will our current strategy work better than it did previously in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Vietnam?

Does it bother anyone in Washington that our strategy is serving as a recruitment tool for ISIS?

Why were we so opposed to South African apartheid but don’t mind it a bit in Israel?
What non-military strategies were examined by the Obama administration and why were they rejected?

Might supporting Palestinian nationhood and opposing Israeli invasion of same not be a good one?

If we had public campaign financing, how would our policy towards Israel change

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