Freedom of religion includes not observing it

Sam Smith – Now that our post-constitutional Supreme Court has allowed prayers at secular town meetings, it may be worthwhile considering some new strategies for dealing with the Second Confederacy.

The dominant ones to date have been legal action and protests. The long underused boycott alternative seems to be gaining some steam, but there’s a another tool worth checking out: have some fun with it all.

Since the court ruling may cause an explosion in the use of prayer in secular forums, here are some ways to handle it:

– As the prayer begins, walk out.
– Cough and sneeze
– Stand up and check your cellphone
– Stand and make some religious seeming movements with your arms
– Cry “Amen” and “Praise the Lord” at inappropriate moments
– Hum
– Have someone elsewhere in the room call you on your un-airplane moded phone
– End the prayer with some loud indecipherable phrase that will make some suspect that you’re Muslims.

Remember, these right-wing Christian heretics want more than anything to be taken seriously. We need to stop doing them the favor.

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