Hillary Clinton by the numbers


Amount the country run by the Sultan of Brunei, who wants to stone gays to death, has given to the Clinton Foundation: $1-5 million

Amount the Clinton Foundation spent on travel over the period 2003-2013: $50 million

  • Amount spent in 2011 alone: $12.1 million
  • Number if $1000 air tickets that would buy: 12,000 or 33 per day


Number of close business partners of Hillary Clinton who ended up in prison: 3. 

The Clintons’ two partners in Whitewater were convicted of 24 counts of fraud and conspiracy. Hillary Clinton’s partner and mentor at the Rose law firm, Webster Hubbell, pleaded guilty to federal mail fraud and tax evasion charges, including defrauding former clients and former partners out of more than $480,000. Hillary Clinton was mentioned 35 times in the indictment.

Number of other close Hillary Clinton supporters and associates who have plead guilty to crimes, been found guilty, and/or ended up in prison: 10

  • Sant Chatwal, major bundler for Clinton’s 2008 campaign confessed to $180k in illegal contributions and witness tampering
  • Jeffrey Thompson, a fundraiser who diverted more than $608,000 in illicit funds to a New York marketing executive who organized “street teams” to raise Mrs. Clinton’s visibility in urban areas during her Democratic primary battle against Barack Obama.
  • Norman Hsu. Amount in 2007 the Clinton campaign returned in contributions raised by Hsu, a top campaign bundler who was wanted on criminal charges in a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. In 2009 he would be sentenced to 24 years in prison: $850,000
  • Peter Paul, now serving ten years in prison, was a major backer of Clinton in her 2000 Senate race.
  • John Huang, a friend of the Clintons formerly with the Indonesian Lippo Group headed by Mochtar Riady, a central character in the Clinton scandals. Huang was given a job at the Commerce Department and a top secret clearance. He visited the Clinton White House about 70 times, was briefed 37 times by the CIA, viewed about 500 intelligence reports, and made 281 calls to Lippo banks. In 1999 Huang was sentenced for campaign finance violations.
  • Abdul Rehman Jinnah,  according to the LA Times in 2009, “a Pakistani immigrant who hosted fundraisers for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is being sought by the FBI on allegations that he funneled illegal contributions to Clinton’s political action committee and to Sen. Barbara Boxer’s 2004 re-election campaign. Authorities say Northridge, Calif., businessman Abdul Rehman Jinnah, 56, fled the country shortly after being indicted on charges of engineering more than $50,000 in illegal donations to the Democratic committees”
  • Alcee Hastings, co-chair of her 2008 presidential campaign, had been previously impeached and convicted for conspiracy and removed from his post as a judge.
  • Johnny Chung, a fundraiser who said once, “I see the White House is like a subway — you have to put in coins to open the gates.”
  • Anthony Pellicano, HRC’s private detective
  • Marc Rich, whom the NY Times described as a “shrewd, swashbuckling oil trader who fled to Switzerland after being indicted on charges of widespread tax evasion, illegal dealings with Iran and other crimes, and who was later pardoned by President Bill Clinton in his last hours in office, setting off a whirlwind of criticism”

Amount Boeing donated to the State Department  one month after “Clinton played the role of international saleswoman, pressing Russian government officials to sign a multibillion-dollar deal to buy dozens of aircraft from Boeing.” $1 billion


Amount Hillary Clinton received for two speeches for Goldman Sachs: $400,000

Number of paid corporate speeches Hillary Clinton, as of July 2013, had given this election cycle: 14

The Washington Post noted, “Clinton is the only leading 2016 contender giving paid speeches, with at least 14 delivered or scheduled so far, in part because ethics rules prohibit sitting lawmakers from doing so. Past presidential contenders, such as Republicans Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, gave relatively few such addresses, and for much lower five-figure fees.”

Amount Hillary Clinton got for a speech the Carlyle Group, primary owner of Booze Allen Hamilton, the former employer of Edward Snowden and a major NSA contractor: Approx. $200,000.


The American Spectator reported in 1996 that on her Asian tour, Hillary Clinton told New Zealand television that she had been named after Sir Edmund Hillary. Date of Clinton’s birth: 1947.

Date Edmund Hillary climbed Mr. Everest: 1953

Number of other First Ladies to come under criminal investigation: 0

Number of times that Hillary Clinton, providing testimony to Congress during the Whitewater scandal investigations, said that she didn’t remember, didn’t know, or something similar: 250

Profit made by HRC in the 1980s on an investment in a cellular phone franchise deal that took advantage of the FCC’s preference for locals, minorities and women. (The franchise was almost immediately flipped to the cellular giant, McCaw): $42,000

Fines proposed in HRC’s health plan: Up to $5,000 for refusing to join the government-mandated health plan, $5,000 for failing to pay premiums on time, 15 years to doctors who received “anything of value” in exchange for helping patients short-circuit the bureaucracy, $10,000 a day for faulty physician paperwork, $50,000 for unauthorized patient treatment, and $100,000 a day for drug companies that messed up federal filings.

Amount Hillary Clinton made on a $1000 investment in cattle futures: Nearly $100,000

Many years later, several economists will calculate that the chances of earning such returns legally were one in 250 million.

Amount HRC’s 2000 campaign under-reported money contributed at a big Hollywood fundraiser by the US government’s calculation: $800,000

Fine paid by campaign: $35,000

Number of years that HRC sat on the board of the anti-labor, Walmart: 6

Amount the State Department misplaced and lost due to the improper filing of contracts over six years, mainly during the tenure of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, according to an Inspector General report: $6 billion

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