You ain’t nothing but a market in the making

Sam Smith – The commerce clause of the Constitution – which has been steadily replacing the Bill of Rights in the minds of the faux intellectuals of America – could easily mean absolutely anything after the Supreme Court decides the Obamacare case.

As lawyers have taken over American politics, documents such as the Constitution are no longer considered moral and political declarations, but rather just another scroll down list of legal requirements for which your only right is to click, “I agree” in order to use America.

And because lawyers these days largely work for corporations, we no longer live in a democracy, a culture, a land, but in a market. Thus everything is decided relative to the market.

Hence this from the Wall Street Journal:

Justice Kennedy, however, later seemed to sympathize with the government’s argument that everyone is involved in health-care commerce because at any time they might need medical care. He said uninsured young people are “very close to affecting the rates of insurance and the costs of providing medical care,” suggesting they too are engaged in commerce.

So you no longer have to be participating in interstate commerce, you just have to might be at some point in order to be “very close to affecting” the market and thus covered by the commerce clause.

In other words, the government will be able to tell you how to have sex, because, after all, you might have to purchase a condom.

This is what happens when lawyers replace philosophers, priests, writers, teachers and politicians in the interstate commerce of thought and morality.

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