Morning Line: Stalling in the fast lane

Sam Smith

I can’t prove it, but I sure feel it. The Obama administration in recent weeks seems to have stalled out. Right in the middle of the fast lane at rush hour. We’ve got the Mid East uprisings, the Madison protests, financial disaster – and the self-proclaimed voice of hope and change has turned into a whisper.

Not that we really need him. After all, most of what he’s done hasn’t been all that good, but it’s hard to think of other times when so much was going on outside the White House and so little inside. My best theory is that Obama got where he is by going with the establishment flow, but now the establishment is under attack from all sides, and in some countries even being toppled. It’s a hard time for a poodle of the elite to know where and when to pee.

Not that Obama is alone. After all, almost all of what was once considered our leadership is now incompetent, ineffective, indifferent or irrational.

Which leaves a huge space for something new. And which is why what’s happening in Madison is so exciting.

So keep puzzling, triangulating, bipartisaning and other such harmless activities, Mr. President. And keep staying out of the way because the story is no longer yours.

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