SAM SMITH – Thanks to over-anxious liberals and MSNBC talk hosts using him to try to boost their own poor ratings, Glenn Beck has a far greater place in the media mythology than logic would suggest.

For example, American Idol gets 12 times as many viewers as does Beck, and we suspect that not even Simon Cowell remotely shares many of Beck’s views.

House and Grey’s Anatomy have 11 times as many viewers and Desperate Housewives gets 8 times as many.

Extreme Makeover has 6 times as many viewers and World Wrestling Raw has twice as many. Beck is also beaten by Hannah Montana, I Love New York and Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Less you think this is just a matter of age demographics, consider that American Idol gets four times as many viewers over the age of 50 as does Beck.

Part of the problem is that talk isn’t all that popular and while Beck currently leads that noisy cable subculture, even he only reaches about one percent of the American population.

So stop getting so upset about Glenn Beck. If he was on a talk version of American Idol, he probably wouldn’t even make it down to the final 12 and Simon would send him packing as nothing but a bad karaoke version of George Wallace.


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