There are peace experts as well as military experts; they just aren’t allowed to be quoted or to appear on national TV.

Legislation, such as healthcare, is the constitutional responsibility of the Congress and not the President.

The three most mentioned political figures of the day – Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Scott Brown – had no significant political achievements before they became the most mentioned political figures of the day.

Social Security has enough money to last another 30 years or so.

Both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama have trouble speaking without prompters. Obama uses a teleprompter; Palin uses a palm prompter.

Neither Obama nor Congress are doing much right now. Scott Brown seems to have scared them into catatonia.

The Afghan, Pakistan and Iraq wars were never declared by Congress, as required by the Constitution.

Barack Obama’s key economic advisors include former executives of Goldman Sachs which played a huge role in creating the financial crisis. This is just a few steps away from naming Bernie Madoff as Treasury Secretary.

The Senate could end the use of the filibuster or alter its nature simply by changing its rules. Both Republicans and Democrats (including Harry Reid) have supported the existing rules.

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