Sam Smith, Progressive Review – Having lived most of my life in the gay friendly city of Washington, I wasn’t prepared from some of the nastiness involved in the Maine gay marriage debate. Especially the sick video that claimed that the state’s schools would be teaching gay marriage in class.

And while I knew the Pope was the George Wallace of gender, I had never been this close to the repulsive cruelty of the Catholic church on the issue, not to mention hypocritical – given the behavior of more than a few of its priests.

Finally, I realized too late how easy it was to slip into the media’s assumption that this was just another issue – and not a major test of morality. It was only after the returns came in that it occurred to me how little the difference was between denying gays entry into marriage and denying a black kid’s entry into a school or that kid’s parent’s entry into a restaurant. It was not just gay marriage being judged, but the rest of us as well. A minority’s rights is not a gift to be bestowed but a strong reflection of our own honor and decency.And we failed.

A vote for the establishment of religion

Among other reasons, the banning of gay marriage is illegal because its purpose and origin is based almost entirely on the principles of certain religions. To ban gay marriage is to establish some religions’ beliefs as superior to those of others. Specifically, the Maine gay marriage vote makes the following lesser religions compared, say, to the Catholic Church:

The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, Ecumenical Catholic Church, Church of God Anonymous, Alliance for Jewish Renewal, Reconstructionist Judaism, Reform Judaism, and Unitarian Universalist Association, which all approve of same sex marriage

The United Church of Christ, Episcopal and various Quaker groups leave the decision to clergy, congregations or local governing bodies. And, adds the Interfaith Workig Group, the Presbyterian Church (USA) allows the blessings of same-gender unions with terminology restrictions.

So the result was not just a repeal of gay marriage but a totally unconstitutional vote to restrict the rights of the aforementioned religion

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