Morning after

THE DEMOCRATS did as well as they did because of the obvious failings of George Bush. Stunningly absent from the campaign was any sense of what the Democrats stood for, what they were going to do, and why the voter should follow them. This is not a good way to start a new movement.

Watching Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emmanuel and Barack Obama it seemed like I was listening to John Kerry without the preppy mannerisms. Yes, they had memorized their lines (although Emmanuel seemed to have trouble remembering all his cute “5 Rs”), but they lacked soul and passion and were so mechanistic in their approach that the only emotion that seemed to surface was the fear they tried to hide behind their timid words.

The secret of Democratic success lies in programs that help large number of Americans live better and helps them deal with the problems that both parties have laid upon them over the past quarter century including the enormous costs of globalization, reckless use of the environment, military adventurism and greedster capitalism.

If there is a Democratic Party that can remake itself it’s not the one of the Washington robo-Dems, hostage as they are to alien campaign contributors, nefarious lobbyists and the like. It lies far away from Democratic Abandonship Council and the other false gods of the party. The party doesn’t need leaders who act like they care; they need leaders who really do. – Sam Smith

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