Testing the immigration problem

Sam Smith

Those wishing to test the extent of the immigrant problem might want to conduct this quick test:

– Has a Mexican ever fired or laid you off?

–   Has the plant you worked for until it was sent overseas been bought by Mexicans or is it still owned by the same people you used to work for?

–  Has a Mexican ever cut your pension or health benefits? Outsourced your job to India?

– How much does Latin America contribute to global warming and its results – such as bigger hurricanes and more tornados – compared with the United States?

– Are Mexicans responsible for NSA’s spying you?

– Do you think Mexicans or the pharmaceutical corporations are more responsible for high drug costs?

– How much of the corruption in Washington has been instigated by the Mexicans?

–  Did the Mexicans’ make us invade Iraq?

Chances are most your answers will be in the negative which is a clue to stop spending so much time worrying about immigration and turn your attention to something else.


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